The gallery wildpalms and Light Space Movement – two very enriching projects.


Light Space Movement Strala Yoga is now a partner of HENRI Hotels. Follow the link below to read the profile. Especially when you are travelling, finding balance and destressign plays a huge part in well-being and how you experience your trip and a place. Whether you are travelling for pleasure, or for work, taking time to reset and get some great movement into your body does the trick.

Westdeutsche Zeitung

Light Space Movement Strala Yoga is picking up the fruitful interaction between art and movement, recapturing artistic practices from the 60s / 70s. Changing the idea of a gallery with a bar to a sustainable, future oriented art and cultural ecosystem.


Thank you for portaying my story on why I do what I do with so much passion. Art and yoga. Buidling bridges and connection.