founded by Alexandra Meffert

I. to create a space for people they can call home, where they feel welcomed, be/find themselves, their own strengths, feel empowered and connected.

II. to explore movement with others. Stråla offers an amazing approach to a sustainable and healing way of moving – connecting body and mind through movement. It gives you the tools and freedom to explore, to get in touch with yourself and others, to use your senses, discover and question existing and learned patterns, perspectives and constructs, while supporting creativity and autonomy.

Practicing Stråla and moving well regularily in an easy and playful way, decreases stress, helps to experience of ones own abilities and expand boundaries. It can open up the mind, enable new ideas and increase your sensitivity and awareness. It is a great way to connect!

You are dearly invited to flow with us at the official Stråla studio in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Classes are guided in German, but can be bilingual (German/English), too.