This January, we will have a special guest from Argentina @ Light Space Movement leading a workshop together with Alex on the topic “JOY

When: Saturday, January 18th 2020

10am-3pm |10-15 Uhr (4hrs + 1hr break)

This Strala workshop will not only give you a key into starting a year fresh with new energy, but give you with a set of tools to maneuver through life challenges.

It is focussed on joy as an instrument for life, as a tool that gets you out of difficult situations and moments – transform them into beautiful ones. Wether it is health, work, emotions. Your body is wise, tells us that it wants to feel good – and movement – the pleasure and joy of movement – is always the guide.

Wether to reconnect, to make better choices, to change a situation, to rebuilt, develop, progress.

Price: 75€ p.p.

EARLY BIRD PRICE: 68€p.p. until Dec. 24th 2019

*spaces are limited, the workshop will be held in English (with German translation if needed)

*we meet at 9:30am, so you have time to arrive + get to know eachother

About Florencia:

Florencia has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years. Yet she fell in love with movement when she met Tara Stiles and the Strala way of moving. Not only did she find a much more effective practice, but also a deep connection to everything in her. How we move is how we do everything. Florencia is a firm believer in joy as a dotted line guiding us to the best choices. Besides being a Strala guide, Florencia is a lawyer in Argentina, loves the ocean and is a big travel enthusiast.

*also check her IG @monkeyogaflor