The Name

A little background story, a little ramble..

There are a few words that are very important to me thinking about this studio and could stand for art and/or Stråla:

  • experience
  • exploration
  • connection
  • playfulness
  • awareness
  • breath
  • light
  • space
  • movement

The first time the idea for this studio came into my mind, was when I visited the Doug Wheeler exhibition at David Zwirner in New York. At the time I already had an art project and I just really wanted to experience practicing Stråla and mindful, natural movement in an environment connected to art – Why? Because art for me was always a special way to interact with  or see the world, an approach filled with an enriching, sensitive outside the box way of thinking.

In this case, it was an environment without corners, edges or endings. Simply, it was impossible to grasp the dimensions of the rooms or make sense of any perspective.

Funny enough, this specific type of art belongs to an artistic movement called light and space movement originated in California in the 60s.

For more info about the movement light and space click here

xx Alex