was founded by Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor in NYC.

Stråla is a movement technique or approach based on principles of TaiChi and natural movement, using yoga vocabulary as a structure to guide you through flows beyond poses. Rather than pushing yourself into a shape, it is all about connecting with your own body, understanding it and moving how it feels good to move.

Guided by your breath and using what you need, resting what you don’t, movement becomes effortless, creating a feeling of strenght, movability and connectedness in your body, while simultaneously lowering stress and creating relaxation.

It is a practice that includes a way of being, moving and healing, that supports people to connect with how they feel, to move how it feels good to move, and to handle every day life and challenges with ease.

The experience

“Your Body. You get strong, a healthy range of mobility, and radiantly healthy from the inside out.

Your Mind. Elevated, connected, switched on, sparks are flying everywhere. You’re in the Flow.

Your Health. Immunity strengthens, your Relaxation Response is activated, and stress dissolves. Imbalances have the space to rebalance, repair and restore to optimal you. your energy levels skyrocket.

Your Life. Gets Fun, Fearless & Feels like You.

Your Result. You look and feel fantastic. Because that’s who you are when you’re you, turned on. You are creative, inspired, connected to your intuition, and to the world around you. You have the space to improvise, to move easily in everything you do, and to create more than you dream. Your health shines bright. You get happy.”

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