Strala + Yin Yoga workshop

When: Sunday, July 11th 2021, 3-5pm

Price: 45€ p.p.

I am excited to have Yvonne Loorij (NL), owner of easy in yoga, join me to offer this wonderful workshop of strala + yin yoga @ light space movement!

This workshop will bring you closer to the soft and easy side of yoga, so you learn how to create more ease in your life! Enjoy a Sunday afternoon full of self care, getting in touch with your body in a very gentle + kind way.

Strala & Yin* Yoga Workshop program:

15:00 Introductions – What is Strala Yoga & Yin Yoga

15:15 Gentle Strala Yoga Practise – Soften & Find Your Ease

15:50 Break with some Dutch Treats

16:00 Yin Yoga Practise – Balancing the Energy of the Summer Season

17:00 Questions & Wrap-up

*Yin yoga is a slow-paced, mindful style of yoga that allows us to surrender into the moment, reset our nervous system and rebalance our energy flows. By resting into poses for 3-5 minutes, with the help of pillows to support your body, we allow the deeper tissues of the body to open up and our mind to truly settle down. 

In combination with a Gentle Strala practise you will leave feeling reconnected, rejuvenated & relaxed!

yvonne loorij workshop strala yin yoga alex meffert light space movement düsseldorf

Yvonne started doing yoga about 13 years ago. While rehabilitating after a skiing accident she noticed that yoga was not only a perfect way to restore physically, but also to find more balance and calm mentally.

Over time, she studied various styles of yoga, personal development & meditation and eventually did several teacher trainings including Strala yoga and Yin yoga. In 2016, she started a Dutch online yoga studio and has also been guiding in-person classes since then.

“Strala yoga and Yin yoga are both designed to be more then just a way to get toned and flexible. They are infused with East-Asian healing wisdom and teach us to follow the lessons of nature. In nature animals and trees always take the path of least resistance and conserve energy.

It’s not woo-woo. It’s not rocket science either. Moving well and feeling good is actually so easy – we just forgot that this is how we are born! We’re conditioned to a lifestyle of pushing, forcing and external manipulation. But the good news is we CAN unlearn this, and be who we really are.” – Yvonne

*This workshop will be held in English