Q&A with Mike Taylor on mindbodygreen

“knowing doesn’t rewire our neurology or gene expression, or trade old habits that hold us down for new ones that lift us up. Moving does.” – Mike Taylor

I have to add this into news as a must read. Mike has been one of the key figures on my own personal journey of regaining my health.

The Strala approach to yoga – movement and life in general – has been a huge game changer. The moment I tried it I knew there was something. And it truely was THE thing that gave me my mobility back, an as good as painfree life. But it took me a bit of frustration until I understood Mike I have to admit. He likes to leave you with pieces of information, sometimes it felt like riddles. I guess it is his way of leaving you with enough to figure the things out yourself. To listen to yourself – I mean, afterall it is your body, your health and noone can feel and know it as well as you do.

On mindbodygreen you will find bunch of great short articles on different topics written by Mike, that I can recommend.

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