Open for everyone?

Classes open to every level? Can I really come to any class without any prior knowledge?

But I am very stiff…I haven’t done any sports in so long….I have pain here…I just had a baby…I am old…But..

Alex Meffert and friends workshop Strala Yoga in Ireland

I hear these questions, insecurities or arguments a lot. And right so. There is a preconception of yoga, images of people to crazy contortionist things. And normally yoga studio do offer classes for different levels. Now even special classes for “curvy” people.

To me, on one hand, this is discriminating, rather than being inclusive. On the other hand, why would there have to be a separation? We are all humans, have bodies, we breathe. We can be soft. We can choose to do movements and find places that feel uniquely good to oursleves.

So why are classes accessible for all levels? The answer is very simple. Because we focus on leading movement, rather than poses.

We focus on learning how to move well in connection with yourself. So it is not so much about doing yoga poses or doing “yoga” in the way that had your mind filled with those intimidating preconceptions.

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