Mike Taylor: being at a crossroads with today’s destressing practices

So many of us visit yoga classes, take taichi lessons, try to sit down and meditate as a form to destress our lives.

In his article, Mike Taylor (Strala Yoga) talks about different areas in where many of us fail to actually reduce tension and actually benefit from our “wellness” practices. Starting with how we grow up, always working hard to achieve, to reach goals, the more pain the bigger the gain – how we translate this same scheme e.g. onto our yoga practices. How this mindset and approach neurologically and chemically creates an addictive pattern, where our bodies produce feelings of euphoria, numb pain – constantly being in survival mode.

Those are patterns we learned, that we are also able to unlearn, through changing our practice. Reconnecting with ourselves, finding movement and ease from within, rather than external shapes and form we are trying to perfect.

This article is worth a read!

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