Free Online Strala Videos!

Hey guys!

So, in midst of this Corona pandemic, I opened up a new YouTube channel with short strala flows for you to do at home. Sometimes, doing short flows is not only better then doing nothing, it also gives you more time and space (cause home is not the same as a studio environment) to squeeze in some “me-time” for yourself, in between kids, home office, chores, etc.

You will find the videos on my channel, as well as embedded on this website under “Online Classes”.

Again, they are really great for a quick reboot and connect with yourself. They will help you to make your time at home (#flattenthecurve) more enjoyable and balanced.

Also, I always love to connect (which is why I leave the videos unedited and raw), so leave me a comment, say hi! and I hope to see you in person again soon!

Find me on YouTube here: