class descriptions

Generally, all classes and types are open for every level. Whether you have never done yoga before, or for decades already, Strala is created in a way that you will always be able to find your flow and exactly what you need!


GENTLE | A super soft, restorative flow, that creates ease and relaxation with time to feel into every corner you have.

RELAX | A relaxing flow, that produces a wonderful balance through its calming connection between breath and movement.

BASIC | Between relaxation and dynamic movement, this flow is based on clear structures that leave space for exploration of fundamental movements.

ENERGIZE | Dynamic and playful flow after which you leave the studio full of energy and life!

STRONG | This flow not only supports balance and flexibility, but also strength with a lot of opportunities to find playtime on your hands.

CORE | This is a short 45min Flow with special focus on activating and strengthening of your center, so “moviing-from-the-center” becomes much easier.

glowSTRONG | This shorter stråla STRONG class will leave you glowing from the inside out – feeling strong, connected + in your body.