Kursplan | Schedule

Kursplan | schedule

Diese Woche | This Week

Hi there,
due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, and everyone being encouraged to stay at home, I have not only opened a YouTube channel with short flows, but am also offeringweekly online classes via ZOOM.
To join, write me an email, through What’s app or IG.
I will send you the link to the class room =) right into your living room!

Montag19:30Uhr (60min)ENERGIZEALEX
Dienstag19:30Uhr (60min)ENERGIZEALEX
Donnerstag18:00Uhr (60min)RELAXALEX
Friday17:00Uhr (60min)GENTLEALEX
Samstag11:00Uhr (45min)COREALEX

ZOOM classes will be 10€/person drop-in
10x are 90€/person

*You can also book private 1-on-1 online classes, for details email me.*


Montag19:30Uhr (75min)ENERGIZE ALEX
Dienstag19:30 Uhr (75min)ENERGIZE LEA
Mittwoch18:00 Uhr (60min)ENERGIZELEA
19:30 Uhr (75min)RELAXALEX
Donnerstag18:00 Uhr (60min)RELAX ALEX
19:30 Uhr (45min)glowSTRONGALEX
Freitag11:00 Uhr (60min)BASICALEX
12:30 Uhr (45min)COREALEX
17:00 Uhr (60min)RELAXALEX
Samstag10:30 Uhr (60min)ENERGIZEALEX
Sonntag10:30 Uhr (60min)RELAXALEX

*bitte bis 30min vorher anmelden | please sign up until 30min before class*


Dienstag9:00 Uhr (60min)ENERGIZEALEX
Mittwoch9:00 Uhr (60min) RELAXALEX

*Bitte bis 18Uhr am Vortag anmelden | Please sign up until 6pm the day before*

PRIVATSTUNDEN | Private Classes

für mehr | for more

FIRMENYOGA | Company Yoga

für mehr | for more

Bei Interesse schreibe eine Email an: info@lightspacemovement.com

Die Yogastunden können sowohl in Deutsch, als auch Englisch geleiten werden – Classes can be held in German or English.