About me

Who am I?

Alex Meffert, a person with two great passions, art and yoga, and a deep sense of intuition, sensitivity and connection.

Art has been my thing since childhood – going to art school from early on, followed by my Art History and Business Administration B.A. (Humboldt University, Berlin) and Art Business M.A. (Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York).

During my B.A., I co-founded a laboratory project and platform for young, international artists called wildpalms, which after 2 years transformed into a gallery, still being exploratory, addressing the function of exhibition and way of working and communicating with artists.

Yoga came to me a little later, when I was 18 and with very poor health. Practicing on a daily basis was not only a total game changer, but empowerment. While living in NY, I discovered strala yoga, where I attained 500hr+ of yoga teacher and advanced leadership training, granting me my strala yoga instructor certification.

What can I help?

Next to my education and knowledge, I use my deep intuition to help people connect with their innerself, heal, find their own strengths and superpowers, and become their own superhero.

Practicing yoga and moving well not only elevates stress and prevents injury, but it also opens of borders in our minds created by ourselves or the people around us, exploring our capabilities and supporting creativity. It is a kind and nurturing practice, while building strength and enhancing mobility. Not forgetting the importance of playtime, fun and joy.



Alex Meffert